Effectively Control and manage the core elements of Cyber Security

Vivid Adapt’s Essential Security Framework (ESC) looks to deliver an approach that streamlines cyber-security compliance that seamlessly integrates into your current IT strategy without the need for extensive re-engineering or heavy investment.

The ESC provides a simple way to understand and visualise your current security posture and evaluate how effective it is in protecting your business against the most common and dangerous cyber-attacks.  It provides clear goals for an organisation looking to mitigate the risk of data breaches by hardening systems against attack, limiting the damaged caused in a potential attack and making it easier to recover from an attack should it impact the business.

How Vivid Adapt protects businesses from attacks and enables effortless recovery

The ESC uses a series of security controls to enable a business to understand just how well they are protected, what they are protected against, how much damage different types of attack could cause and how quickly normal business function can be restored.  By managing these key elements an organisation can have confidence they can mitigate attacks from highly committed threats who deploy sophisticated tradecraft and techniques.

Essential Security Controls Assessment

Essential Security Controls Assessment is delivered as a standalone ‘snap-shot’ that the provides an immediate understanding of your current security posture, the risk you are carrying and any GAPs you have or as delivered regularly as part of a structured security policy to maintain high levels of protection as the threats continue to change. 

Based on a one-day workshop, run with the technical and business leaders, Vivid Adapt will categorise each control into one of four categories that relate to the risk an organisation faces related to increased levels of cybercriminals resources and tradecraft.

Essential Security Control Management

Vivid Adapts team of security and IT engineers can work closely with business to monitor and manage the key elements within the Essential Security Control Framework to ensure the security posture is always maintained and ready to respond to the latest threats.

Using a range of enterprise grade monitoring, management and service tooling Vivid Adapt provides layers of protection to ensure an organisation can reduce their overall risk and limit the number of attacks, by firstly limiting the threat surface an organisation has and secondly by limiting the ability of malware running in the environment.  

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Cyber Attacks Statistics

43% of of Cyber Attacks Target SMB's

Cyberattacks are not just aimed at enterprises. Mimecast recently reported that SMB are targeted in cyberattacks—and they often suffer greater impact than bigger enterprises

50% of SMB's have no Cyber-Security plan

AVG reported that 50% of SMB's are operating without a defined Cyber Security Plan or IT security guidelines in place and didn't have preventative measures in place to stop or recover from attacks

Average Ransomware pay-out is £265,000

Palo Alto Networks reported that the average ransomware  payment made to recover control of a businesses data after and attack is £265,000, and is increasing  

65 Million Ransomware Attacks Monthly

According to Statista the growth of attacks is accelerating at an alarming rate. The number of global ransomware attacks increased from nearly 60 million incidents a quarter to 190 million in 2021

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