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Vivid Adapt Service Desk incorporates 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level of Support, therefore your organisation has access to Unlimited calls, requests and cases. We also offer 0 Level – self service portal and 4th Level – Vendor Escalation. 

Acting as communication centre where users can request help and receive IT support, IT service desk is also designed to address broader business needs, and increase the user’s tech experience in the workplace.

IT service desks facilitate communication between other service management and the user community—usually the organization’s employees and other stakeholders. They also play a role in capturing change requests, maintaining third party contacts, assisting with problem management, and managing software licenses.

Vivid Adapt's Service Desk Includes

The Vivid Adapt Managed Help Desk Service enables your IT to fully focus on delivering IT advancements into the business by taking full responsibility for your end users IT and providing IT Service tooling and processes that ensure your users remain productive and their technology protected and available. Our goal is to ensure maximum performance and 100% end-user satisfaction.  Our service is tailored to your needs and designed to work with your team, systems and technologies.

24/7 Support Desk

95% of resolutions are solved within the call time or an hour.

Knowledge Management, QA and training team

Automation and user's knowledge increase are key for continued service improvement.

Monthly Reports

Understand how we perform and where your work force knowledge gaps are, enabling improved business efficiency.

Subject matter experts

For complex challenges, our agents will escalate tickets to an expert with deep knowledge of your environment.

Unlimited Cases & Requests

No limits on how much support we provide.

Learn how Vivid Adapt Service Desk can support your users

Why use Vivid Adapt?

We make your business work smoothly, effectively and securely. We admit that it is not easy to keep the balance, but at Vivid Adapt, we are a type of different managed service provider. We understand that supporting your business isn’t just about the ‘technical’. It takes a combination of management consultancy, appropriate level of service maturity and technical excellence to get it right.

Operational Efficiency

Service desks standardize IT processes, and automate routine tasks as much as possible, to enable faster incident response—and more cost-efficient operations. Deploying a virtual agent and AI chatbot within a service desk can reduce response times from 10 minutes to just seconds.

Greater allignment between business and IT

Service desks are the interface between users, business processes, and the IT services that enable them. This provides valuable insights into user satisfaction, enabling proactive problem management and better planning of future IT services.

Increased Productivity

Self-service tools, shared knowledge bases, and automated workflows streamline the delivery of IT services. This helps users get back to work faster and frees up IT staff to focus on more strategic activities. Service desk software can lower client ticket volumes by up to 80%.

Improved IT Asset Management

Service desks act as a hub for all hardware and software assets, as well as any contracts, enabling easy information retrieval, asset valuation, configuration, maintenance, etc.

Greater Reliability

By speeding incident resolution, reducing incidents and problems, and even automatically preventing or resolving issues, service desks keep the business up and running at less cost. One of the largest health insurance providers decreased costly pre-service calls with conversational AI.

Sound Advice

Our IT technicians and engineers are always available to discuss potential solutions and technologies with you and give your our advice on they will benefit your business.

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