Managed IT Support

Designed for clients who already have on-site IT resources available but require additional expertise or resources.  The Vivid Adapt Co-Managed IT Support aligns our technical expertise alongside your internal IT team to deliver your organisational goals. It provides the opportunity to quickly ramp up your internal IT capabilities in a way that is cooperative and collaborative without the hassle of recruiting and managing additional IT staff members.

Solutions can provide tailored support in the areas your business requires, this may be offsite disaster recovery and remote backup, hosted cloud services, infrastructure outsourcing, hardware and software leasing, proactive monitoring alerting for in house technical staff, IT improvement and leadership, temporary additional support for holiday or leaver cover of staff, business process transformation to name a few.

Vivid Adapt’s Managed IT Support foundation involves Remote Monitoring which enables the Proactive Management approach. This allows us to be fully aware of the risks and our vendor qualified enginners can mitigate and communicate them with you, before they can negatively impact your business.

We deliver a mix of expert advice and a Proactive Management approach as a foundation to keep your IT infrastructure up to date and deliver the designed value. We are flexible on the scope of the support – technologies, types of users and business patterns.

Vivid Adapt IT Support provides an extention to your IT team due to capacity or expertise gaps, and therefore allowing you to focus your time on everyday demands of expanding your business and managing costs.

Vivid Adapt’s Group Managed IT Support adds technical resources and service tooling directly into your team to enhance your capabilities.  Vivid Adapt are able to deliver Remote Monitoring and Incident Management tooling and resource which enables organisations to mature your service operations quickly and cost effectively and release the technical team to focus on core activities.

Our service is built and contracted to your needs Vivid Adapt’s Group Managed IT Support delivers an agile, low risk way to manage the IT function and maintain a local IT presence.  

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Why use Vivid Adapt?

From beginning your IT journey or have data centers around the globe; you need a services partner that has local expertise to global capabilities. We make your business work smoothly, effectively and securely. We know not all IT organisations are built the same, but with our experts, insights and Managed IT Support you will always be prepared no matter what. That’s a responsibility we are proud to have and to do well.

Technical Expertise

Our team of experience and vendor qualified solution architects and systems engineers have ability to foresee and eliminate issues before they jeopardise your business or project.

Service Excellence

Our customer service team staff our 24/7 operations centre and consistently meet and even exceed customers’ expectations and are backed up with enterprise grade tools.

Business Centric

Our focus is your business and our objective is to support you in achieving your goals. Technology is a enabler for business and our team put you at the centre of everything we do.

Future Minded

The pace of change in business is increasing and at Vivid Adapt we understand that selecting and implementing technology that delivers long term sustained value is key to your businesses success.

Swift Troubleshooting

Extend and enable your IT team by addressing issues before they can impact your business. We empower data-driven decisions, it's all about predictive analysis. Take the "break" out of "break-fix".

Sound Advice

Our architects and engineers are always available to discuss potential solutions and technologies with you and give your our advice on they will benefit your business.

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