The IT Audit

We specialise in IT, but we appreciate the reason there’s a need for IT. Without business, there would be no need for IT. 

We talk to lots of companies who are really unhappy with the state of their IT. It could be for a number of reasons; their partner isn’t responsive, they don’t act with any sense of urgency, they don’t seem to know what they’re doing, they’re over-charging. Very rarely is everything perfect, however, that doesn’t mean companies are willing to change partners. This is often seen as a very risky thing to do. 

  • “Will we lose access to our data?”
  • “Will we lose our email?” 
  • “It’s better dealing with a known entity – sure, they aren’t perfect, but it’s too risky to change.” 

This is where we can help. Do you want to hold your current partner to account? Is there something you can see that needs to change, but need help to convince the business leaders?

We provide an audit, free of charge, as part of our service. This is the first step in our relationship. The majority of the time, we demonstrate significant business value, and a new business relationship is started. Other times, the document we create is taken to drive projects forward (with or without our help). 

We work with companies that have no internal IT person or team; often, IT falls under the Finance Director’s remit. We also work with companies that have large IT teams, who need external expertise every now and then. 

We want to be having conversations with companies that want to know:

  • What else is out there?
  • What could they be doing differently? 

If you’re a business leader and want to have a conversation, please get in touch. You can comment on the post or email 

What we offer is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before, why not give us a try? 

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